Curator: Pablo Diskko




“Generally, I don’t like putting my music in one specific category because I like mixing tracks from various genres, with a common dark, and maybe dirty element.  I am very fond of the Acid sounds of techno, Ghetto house, breaks, edgy drums, and heavy basslines. It  depends on the mood, and the environment of course, as to how my set will develop throughout the night. I usually like to start smooth, and transition gradually to a heavier sound, so that my audience has the chance to follow my story. I always aim to produce a story when I am playing and make it a personal experience for the dancers.


“The ideal place would be a small dark, smokey room, with just one strobe light. I would say that I am mostly influenced by the 80’s and 90’s era. I’m a big fan of Omar S but the list could go on forever. I am happy when I see people sweat. “