Curator: Ki/Ki



If I would have a time machine I would definitely transfer myself back to the 90s. Apart from the amazing vibes, parties, music and fashion it was also the time in which new beat was to be found at several parties.

It actually took a while before I discovered this genre which changed my perspective on music completely. A lot of tracks nowadays only have one main flow while most new beat tracks take you from one end to the other, which is also one of my main goals while playing. I aim to create diversity within the set by varying between new beat, (acid) trance, old school techno and electro. Also diversity within the tracks is what keeps me and definitely the crowd energized; basically getting in a flow while being carried by all the different sounds, kicks and drops. Digging into the forgotten music of the past and giving those lost records a place in the contemporary music scene is what I strive to do each set. The music of the future can be found in the music of the past.