Curator: FRANZ



I think it’s very important for a dj to be able to play a multitude of genres and vibes that all fit into your persona as a dj. That way you are always able to get into the vibe together with the crowd without losing your own distinct identity. I really enjoy listening to sets from for example I-F and DJ Stingray. They are able to put so much energy into a set, it just makes you want to dance. I-F in particular is a great example to me of how a DJ should be. He is an expert in a multitude of genres which he captures in his different aliases, and he always gets the crowd in the right mood.

When playing a set, I always have some sort of goal in mind on where I want to be at a certain point in my set, and I try to guide the vibe there and build onwards together with the dancers. I don’t think a night revolves around the dj, but more on the interaction between the crowd, the venue and the dj. Every night is a unique moment you experience together with each other, something you can’t reproduce, even if you tried.

With this set I’m exploring a new side of FRANZ, a side I discovered when a friend asked me if I could do an electro set at her party. I thought, why not? I was always playing electro songs from soundcloud and youtube everywhere I went anyway. The set you’re about to listen to contains music from 4 different decades: from 1984 to music that was released last month. I had a lot fun recording this mix and I think you can really hear the fun I had in the outcome. I hope you enjoy the mix!