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Bazar Podcast Series: Thought Project

Curator: Thought ProjectThought project



“My experience with art has always been compulsive and obsessive. My creative experience with music began trying to emulate jazz sampled hip-hop beats, but i could never really “get” that hip hop vibe. Around that time, I went to my first proper, underground house event in Toronto and the experience blew my mind. I felt like I had stumbled into a strange new world. That initial feeling of discovery is something I try to emulate in my music, because at it’s core, dance music for me is about embracing absurdity and personal weirdness. This mix showcases the more lo-fi leanings of my selections, markedly on the house spectrum. When it comes down to it though, I will play anything that gets me excited whether it be house, disco, techno, weirdo rock records or instrumental hiphop.”


Project 94: Souris


Curator: Souris



Also part of the dj duo Sub Division together with Lexed.
Definitely locals to keep an eye out since they know how to shake up the big venues such as Radion.

Here we have a recording from a set he played at Paradigm Loodrave.



Be there on kingsday!

April 27th 25 years Tresor x Vault sessions

June 4th Free your mind fesitval (Sub Division)






Project 94: Bertram


Curator: Bertram


“I’m always seeking new music and experiences that give me an odd and pleasantly absurd feeling. Being surprised or caught off guard brings me a lot pleasure and is something I try to convey when playing.”

“I commonly find myself drawn towards dub and industrial sounds, but have also been known to favour breaks, off-beat drum patterns and synth pads. I love synth pads. It’s hard for me to describe what I do in words, since I try to keep music and real life as far apart as possible. If I had to pick  one electronic musician that at the moment consistently surprises me, that would be Terrence Dixon. The complete list is way too long and ever-changing.”
“The ideal setting for the type of music I like to share would be a small to medium sized venue filled with energetic, social and open-minded people that want to dance”


Bazar Podcast Series: Pershian

pershCurator: Pershian



“In overal I never prepare for any gig or set I have to play, I choose the first track and let the music guide me through the rest of the journey. I find this way of working a pleasant thing, because first of all being unprepared keeps me focused and there’s always a factor of surprise present, not just for myself but also for the crowd.
pershianbwNeither do I like to stick to one genre, that’s just impossible if you realize how many stuff is blended in to each other influence wise and how many good tracks are out there in different categories but fit with each other very well.

For this podcast I played with 4 decks, just to keeps things more exciting and I used an analog bass-machine (Korg Volca Bass).

Usually my main style is Detroit-Berlin or UK based but this set is a bit different from any other, it has the influence of experimental, progressive, house, techno, you name it, I mixed it!”


Project 94: Pablo Diskko



Curator: Pablo Diskko




“Generally, I don’t like putting my music in one specific category because I like mixing tracks from various genres, with a common dark, and maybe dirty element.  I am very fond of the Acid sounds of techno, Ghetto house, breaks, edgy drums, and heavy basslines. It  depends on the mood, and the environment of course, as to how my set will develop throughout the night. I usually like to start smooth, and transition gradually to a heavier sound, so that my audience has the chance to follow my story. I always aim to produce a story when I am playing and make it a personal experience for the dancers.


“The ideal place would be a small dark, smokey room, with just one strobe light. I would say that I am mostly influenced by the 80’s and 90’s era. I’m a big fan of Omar S but the list could go on forever. I am happy when I see people sweat. “

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