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Project 94: Nina De Koning

nina2Curator: Nina De Koning



“I wish people would read more. Reading and writing are basically things I’ve done ever since I was old enough to do them. They have always helped me to understand things more, to understand life more. An author I have always been highly interested in is Sylvia Plath. She was a poet and writer that committed suicide after enduring years and years of extreme depression.

I read all of her poems (even used one of them in a track that is yet to be released) and now I am re-reading her novel ‘The Bell Jar’, which mainly focuses on the topic of depression. What I am gaining from re-reading her book is a sense of peace and support. I have been struggling with depression myself for quite some years now and because of the book I don’t feel alone in my battle anymore.

And yes, of course I can also watch a movie, tv series or documentary- I can even listen to a song to feel understood or educated. But it is in reading that I feel is the only way I can truly lose myself and let my imagination run it’s course. In my own way, I can identify myself with a character and find answers to questions I’m actually dealing with in my own life. It’s just a pity that every year there is a reduction in the amount of reading done by people my own age. Do we really find the Kardashians more interesting than Charles Bukowski or Nick Hornby?

Now you might think: what has this rant about reading and novels have to do with the music? Well, that’s an easy one for me to answer. To me podcasts are also like personal stories. So whenever I create a podcast, every song to me is like a chapter. It is always about trying to recreate that feeling I get when I am reading a good novel or play. I want my listener to lose themselves in the podcasts that I create, or in the music that I play at clubs.

So there you go: enjoy this “story”. And please don’t forget to occasionally open up a book. ”

Project 94: Souris


Curator: Souris



Also part of the dj duo Sub Division together with Lexed.
Definitely locals to keep an eye out since they know how to shake up the big venues such as Radion.

Here we have a recording from a set he played at Paradigm Loodrave.



Be there on kingsday!

April 27th 25 years Tresor x Vault sessions

June 4th Free your mind fesitval (Sub Division)





Project 94: Bertram


Curator: Bertram


“I’m always seeking new music and experiences that give me an odd and pleasantly absurd feeling. Being surprised or caught off guard brings me a lot pleasure and is something I try to convey when playing.”

“I commonly find myself drawn towards dub and industrial sounds, but have also been known to favour breaks, off-beat drum patterns and synth pads. I love synth pads. It’s hard for me to describe what I do in words, since I try to keep music and real life as far apart as possible. If I had to pick  one electronic musician that at the moment consistently surprises me, that would be Terrence Dixon. The complete list is way too long and ever-changing.”
“The ideal setting for the type of music I like to share would be a small to medium sized venue filled with energetic, social and open-minded people that want to dance”

Project 94: HANS





Welcome back to our podcast series!
Episode 11 is a mainly improvised live set brought to us by HANS, a dj/producer/enigeer based in Nijmegen.
This will be the first live set submitted by our podcasters and we are very excited to share the goods.
Sit back and relax and enjoy this heavy duty acid filled goodness.



Project 94: Lexed


We started the first podcast of of our series with a techno set mixed by the ever so awesome Barbara Ford. After that we covered a lot of different styles and genres. But I’m very happy to announce that we have a killer techno set to add to our podcast series brought to us by Lexed.

I’ve wanted Lexed to do a podcast for us ever since I got a peek at his vinyl records back at his place a few months ago. I liked his collection and setup, both of them an indication that this guy knows his shit. A few months along the line he delivered and the end result is nothing less from what I expected, a solid no nonsense banging techno set.

Lexed got into techno through his older brother and sister. At an early age he started listening to electronic music and he he’s been buying and burning records on cd as long as he can remember.

Asking him about his style its best described as ‘melodic progressive techno’. One thing he always tries is to surprise the audience with his sets so they will never sound the same.

Two of his biggest musical influences are Surgeon and Oscar Mulero, and Illian Tape, Token Records, Dystopian, Perc trax, Audio Assault and Downwards are amongst his favourite labels.

He also has his own online platform on which he shares podcasts and mixes, you can check that out here.

On Kings’ Night (April 26) you can hear  him play at Vault Sessions. Collaborating with his friend and co-owner of the barking dog under the pseudonym La Roche A/T. He will be joined by none other than Exium, Truss and his all-time hero Surgeon, so there’s your Kings’ Night sorted!


Words: Yannick


Donato Dozzy – vaporware 07 (Original Mix)
Kyodama – Cave (Original Mix)
Monix – Blind.A (Original Mix)
Developer – Signal 2 (Original Mix)
Mattias Fridell – No Natural Morkin (Orginal Mix)
Stefan Vincent – I Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing (Original Mix)
Measure Divide – Gates (Original Mix)
Rebekah – Transient Being (Original Mix)
Monix – Blind.B (Original Mix)
Dronelock – Skates (Original Mix)
Manni Dee – Surface Tension (Original Mix)
Tomohiko Sagae – Rusty Knife (Original Mix)
Dronelock – Uneven Numbers (Original Mix)
Mike Humphries – Station 5 (Original Mix)
Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix)
Stef Mendesidis – Kernel (Gedevaan Participation Edit)
Yukki Sakai – Rinea (Original Mix)
Sven Schaller – 909 Step (Original Mix)
Lee Gamble – Motor System (Original Mix)

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