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Bazar Podcast Series: Tim Zwerver

tim zwerver 2


Today’s mix is an all vinyl brought to us by Tim Zwerver.

The set is a blend of tracks with  deep kicks, off beat percussions and wavey synths. Followed by some kickass  alternative house and techno tracks.
Tim will close shop at the Westergasterras on Saturday the 28th at our vinyl only event Bazarsystem x Westergasterras


Bazar Podcast Series: Hellie Berry


Hellie Berry


And we are back with our very first summer mix. Curated by funky-disco–house-queen Hellie Berry.  Go outside find a park and some shade and relax and listen to this hour-long stream of feel good tracks!

I got to meet a person that is very humble by nature and maybe even on the shy side, but very passionate about her music and the things that interest her.
Our conversation quickly turned from me asking her the basic things about her as a dj into two people discussing the music scene and music in general.

Mind you she is not to be mistaken with the actress. It seems that sometimes she receives some fan mail or even an entire movie script!

Being a passionate crate digger and music lover Berry’s track selection is always very deliberate. Sometimes criticized by the way she tends to let tracks drag on a bit longer than maybe accepted in the eyes of some peers, it all has everything to do with the fact that she is just very passionate about each one, wanting to share every the cool detail of the track.

When presented with the question whether djing in and of itself should be seen as a craft she wasn’t hesitant to agree with that statement. With her main focus on being a master selector Hellie feels no pressure to put out her own productions any time soon.

By the end of our conversation she even got me – a very stubborn person – to make a significant change to format of the podcast series. As of now we will not be uploading any tracklists to our mixes. The “burden” lies upon our listeners to interact – if you want a track ID, just ask!

Hellie convinced us by saying that is just too easy give away free handouts, and after some debate the voice of reason prevailed. After all, “The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.”

July 19th you can see Hellie at Dok Amsterdam and Oldschool.



Words: Yannick

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