pershCurator: Pershian



“In overal I never prepare for any gig or set I have to play, I choose the first track and let the music guide me through the rest of the journey. I find this way of working a pleasant thing, because first of all being unprepared keeps me focused and there’s always a factor of surprise present, not just for myself but also for the crowd.
pershianbwNeither do I like to stick to one genre, that’s just impossible if you realize how many stuff is blended in to each other influence wise and how many good tracks are out there in different categories but fit with each other very well.

For this podcast I played with 4 decks, just to keeps things more exciting and I used an analog bass-machine (Korg Volca Bass).

Usually my main style is Detroit-Berlin or UK based but this set is a bit different from any other, it has the influence of experimental, progressive, house, techno, you name it, I mixed it!”