0007Curator: Harley Doorson


“It’s funny how time and place can be so decisive in the course of your life. If my parents didn’t move to ‘De Bijlmer’ almost 20 years ago, i might have never met my lifelong friends. If one of these friends never showed me this UK garage mix, i might never have learned to love house music, and probably wouldn’t be a DJ. It’s these series of coince0017dences that lead up to the creation of Cirkel. Cirkel was created out of a mutual love for music. For me the biggest inspiration is the so called lo-fi house movement by the likes of Greg Beato, Florian Kupfer, Mall Grab and lots of other musical minds. What really attracts me to this sound, is that it pushes the boundaries in what is right and wrong in making music, using distortion and saturation as a weapon to create a new vibe. Infusing this with acid, disco, funk, r&b and whatnot gives birth to something new altogether.”